Game Theory ARG
Designed the Game Theory #GTARG "The 7 Gates" digital experience for MatPat and the Game Theorists community.
Worked closely with MatPat over the course of several months to bring to life a large-scale digital treasure hunt for Game Theory fans and customers of Creator Ink. all the puzzles, clues, videos and art assets with designed and created by myself with the help from a small development team at Secret 6.
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Tenretni Olleh - The Prequel

The unofficial launch video of the 7 Gates GTARG. This video clue was hidden deep inside this GT video. When Theorists dug into the page source they found a mysterious tag "UCVNTZJXAuvE3C7SfOsPNgEA" which was the page ID for a new YouTube channel named "Tenretni Olleh" or "Hello Internet" in reverse.

Running the video through a spectrogram analyzer reveals the entire Alien glyph alphabet.
The mysterious message posted to the Game Theory community tab. Running all the numbers through a HEX editor reveals the clue "RGB 254," which meant there was a clue hidden in the RGB value of 254,254,254. You can see the clue if you adjust the image's brightness and contrast. Try it yourself!

Video showing how to solve the "RGB254" clue on the left.

The Word Search Puzzle players find after deciphering the "You Are Prepared" video
The "red herring" word search players find if incorrectly deciphering the leading clue.

Once the Word Search is solved, it reveals this image entitled "Luck to Heaven" which is a loose translation of "Nintendo." This was meant to prepare players for the upcoming ARG, a creative way to explain the rules and how they would be scored. 

The pen on the top right has a HEX code hidden underneath the barcode. The date on the phone was changed to reveal the exact date and time of the Gate 1 launch. The coins were also the seed to one of the Gate 1 clues. This image was created in Photoshop and the page notes were hand-illustrated in Procreate.

GATE 2 - Indie Games

Intro video announcing the opening of Gate 2.

Players must cross out 21 names that were accumulated throughout the previous Keys.
When solved, the remaining red letters lead to:

GATE 3 - Film Theory

This was one of the main clue videos for Gate 3 of the ARG. Embedded in the video are various clues that lead players to their next location.
The idea is that the mysterious Theory Stone was hidden across different dimensions and realities, i.e. inside locations featured in the Film Theory Channel's popular videos. Players would need to research each film for the name of each location: Elsa's Frozen Palace (Frozen), Moe's Tavern (The Simpsons), and Nidavellir (Avengers: Infinity War), 
Adding those answers to the puzzle solver below would reveal the password to this Key.

01110100 = t 01101000 = h 01100101 = e 01110100 = t 01101000 = h 01100101 = e
01101111 = o 01110010 = r 01111001 = y 01110011 = s 01110100 = t 01101111 = o
01101110 = n 01100101 = e 00101110 = . 01100011 = c 01101111 = o 01101101 = m
The Family Feud Lightboard was edited to show clues hidden in binary code.
Hover over the images above to reveal.

GATE 5 - GT Live

For the Gate 7 finale I designed a classic text-adventure experience through the world of classic games. Players had to solve a series of puzzles that ultimately lead them to a modified NES prototype game
Upon completion, players had to combine all the Google Map coordinates accumulated throughout the year to solve the final challenge.

Players had to download the PSD files below and use Photopea to solve the puzzles by building a path from the Start to the End. Click on the images below to download the PSD files to try for yourself.

Click to download the Level 1 puzzle. Open the file in Photopea

Click to download the Level 2 puzzle. Open the file in Photopea

Click to download the Level 2 puzzle. Open the file in Photopea

The FINAL puzzle of #GTARG. Players must have completed all previous 6 gates and deciphered all map coordinates. Only then would they be able to plot the final glyph.

Click above to download the PSD file.