The Thoery Journals

When we set out to create a Moleskin-like journal for Game Theory's Back-to-School campaign, I wanted to fill the first few pages with sketches as a fist-bump to some of MatPat's popular GT episodes. The Lost Pages campaign born. 
These first sketches were actually created to kick off a digital treasure hunt. Hidden in the eyes of the characters are small letters that when pieced together form a URL. The URL contained a cryptic video that when decoded lead you to another webpage where the first 100 players to discover it won a special prize. This was our first user experience that would later become the 7 Gates Game Theory ARG.
Journal sketches by Juan Rodriguez.
Final linework by Brent Whittington

Each page starts with a rough sketch based on the Game Theory episode.

The sketch is sent to Brent Whittington to create clean illustrations organized into separate layers.

We changed the title of the page and I wrote the final copy. Afterwards I illustrated the final eye-clues.

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